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The Book of Storms

The Book of Storms

The Book of Storms Trilogy (Volume 1)

Ruth Hatfield; illustrated by Greg Call

Square Fish



Trade Paperback

Eleven-year-old Danny O'Neill has never been what you'd call adventurous. But when he wakes the morning after a storm to find his house empty, his parents gone, and himself able to hear the thoughts of a dying tree, he has no choice but to set out on a quest to find answers. He soon learns that the enigmatic Book of Storms holds the key to what he seeks . . . but unraveling its mysteries won't be easy. If he wants to find his family, he'll have to face his worst fears, battle terrifyingly powerful enemies, and confront a shadowy and demonic figure: Sammael.
This powerfully written debut reveals a world where magic seamlessly intertwines with the everyday and nothing is black and white. For Danny, the only certain thing is that time is running out . . . and he must hurry if he wants to rescue everything he holds dear.

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Danny O'Neill rubbed his eyes against the sunlight and wandered into his parents' bedroom to find some clean socks from the washing pile. The double bed was empty, the crumpled bedclothes...


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About the author

Ruth Hatfield; illustrated by Greg Call

Ruth Hatfield is a sometime archaeologist, sometime technician who lives in Cambridge, England. When she's not writing or digging or making circuit boards, she spends her time belting around on a bike and roaming the countryside on her cantankerous horse. The Book of Storms is her first book.

Ruth Hatfield

Greg Call

Greg Call

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